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Someone good to talk to: Reflections on Motivational Interviewing in Practice

Someone Good to Talk to is a friendly and thought-provoking companion to join you on your travels as a helping professional and practitioner of MI.

Written for both novice practitioners seeking guidance and more experienced professionals wanting to refresh their practice, this book offers a concise collection of reflections on the change process, core elements of MI and transferring learning into practice.

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Free resources

Managing substance use

This brief resource offers guidance on evaluating alcohol or other drug use and the choices you want to make.

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Communicating in a climate of stress

This brief resource offers practical ideas to guide difficult conversations with clients and staff.

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An Introduction to Working with Alcohol and Other Drug Issues

This manual provides an accessible introduction to core themes of alcohol and other drug work, as well as practical strategies that may be useful in working with these issues.

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Engaging Conversations: Substance Use and Therapeutic Process

This guide for workers offers practical ideas and strategies for navigating the challenges of forming therapeutic relationships. The guide covers areas such as engagement, assessment, formulation, treatment trajectory and managing complexity.

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Getting Out of It: How to Cut Down or Quit Cannabis

This workbook presents a practical, step-by-step approach to cutting down or quitting cannabis. The resource may be used alone or as part of other counselling. If you are not able to make the changes to your cannabis use that you hoped to make, consider speaking with a counsellor who specialises in working with alcohol and other drug use.

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