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Motivational Interviewing for Supervisors

Practical strategies for using and coaching MI in supervision

This two day professional development event is for professionals with a foundation in Motivational Interviewing, who supervise staff and students.

Next course to be held in 2024.

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Motivational Interviewing is collaborative method for guiding conversations about behaviour change. When we move into supervision roles, we often find ourselves having change conversations – only this time with staff rather than clients, and often in a context of line management or other accountability tasks.
The workshop examines how MI can be helpful in the context of providing professional supervision, while respecting that there are other skills and functions of a supervisory role as well as limitations to what MI can offer in a supervision setting.

The workshop also offers practical strategies to support and coach others in learning MI, including identifying priority areas to work on, encouraging self reflection and self monitoring of the use of MI skills, building on strengths and developing competence. And that we may well be coaching others while we feel that we are still working on our own MI skills.

The training is highly interactive, with a focus on practical skill development. The two-day workshop will offer an opportunity to:

  • Review experiences and progress in integrating MI into one’s own practice
  • Review challenges and experiences in coaching others in MI
  • Identify the core learning tasks in MI and incorporate a progressive skill development approach to learning MI
  • Examine the MI framework from the perspective of the supervisor
  • Develop strategies for using MI approaches within the supervision context
  • Develop strategies to coach MI self monitoring and skill development in supervisees
  • Introduction to MI coding as a tool for supervisors
  • Provide feedback in an MI consistent manner.

The workshop is suitable for supervisors working in a wide range of settings, including addictions, mental health, chronic disease management, treatment adherence, criminal justice and healthy behaviour change.

Workshop details

This workshop is not an introduction to MI, and it is important that all participants have prior training in MI, preferably the equivalent of at least a 2 day foundation skills course. As MI has also been evolving, it is recommended that participants also are familiar with the changes to MI that were presented in the 3rd edition version of Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change (2013) by William Miller and Steve Rollnick. If you have any questions about whether your prior exposure to MI is sufficient, please do not hesitate to contact me.