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Motivational Interviewing: Foundation Skills

This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to Motivational Interviewing.

Online workshop
Tuesday 25 June & 2 July


Online workshop
15 & 22 October 2024


Respectful and productive conversations about change

This two day professional development event is for workers in helping professions, including health, community and corrections settings.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is collaborative method for guiding conversations about change. More than a set of techniques, MI is a discipline in its own right that brings together a set of values, principles and disciplined use of skills to assist people to resolve ambivalence and deepen motivation to pursue the changes that are meaningful for them.

While the skills do take time and practice, the style of conversation is gentle, curious and comes from a place of faith in the other person. The hope is that, together, we may discover what is meaningful for this person and what choices would work best for them, knowing who they are and what they deep down really want for their future. MI asks us to be mindful of the way our own hopes and assumptions can interfere in the process as much as they can help, and create a space of genuine enquiry and deepening understanding.

Rather than replace other approaches, MI has a capacity to enhance and deepen the full range of interventions we use by bringing a more acute awareness to the how and when of conversation, rather than just what we talk about.

The training is highly interactive, with a focus on practical skill development. The two-day workshop will offer an opportunity to:

  • Gain a clear and up-to-date understanding of MI – what it is, how it works and recent changes to the framework
  • Increase understanding of the change process
  • Review and practice the core skills
  • Apply the skills to the change process
  • Increase ability to work effectively with resistance and ambivalence
  • Practice skills in softening sustain talk and eliciting change talk
  • Develop strategies to continue learning and practicing MI.

The workshop is relevant for workers dealing with a wide range of presenting issues and settings, including addictions, mental health, allied health, chronic disease management, treatment adherence, criminal justice, education, change management, workplace culture and healthy behaviour change.

MI relies on the use of foundation skills used with increasing discipline and depth. The workshop is suitable for both workers with no knowledge of MI and for those who want to refresh and deepen their understanding and practice of the core skills of MI.

Workshop details

The workshop will be held online via Zoom, providing break out rooms for small group discussion and skills practice. Workshop numbers will be limited to 16 to create a comfortable and personalised learning environment.

Times: Sessions will be held 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM.


  • $726 (inc GST) for professionals in the not for profit, community and government sectors (subsidised fee)
  • $990 (inc GST) for professionals in the corporate and commercial sector (full fee)

It is important that you can attend both days as each session builds on the previous session, and have access to a stable internet connection for Zoom. Please contact Helen at if you are unsure which registration fee is applicable.

All registrations include a non refundable fee of $100 up to 14 days of the workshop commencement. Workshop registrations are not refundable within 14 days of the workshop commencement.